10 Movies Big Zine

10 Movies Big Zine


Illustrator Jason O'Malley has reimagined his 10 favorite films as victorian inspired wallpaper patterns and presented it as an oversized newspaper style zine. Featuring: Auntie Mame, Blue Velvet , Desperately Seeking Susan, Female Trouble, Grey Gardens, Mommie Dearest, Querelle , Suspiria , The Umbrellas of Cherbourg , and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

14”x 19.5” broadsheet sized newspaper

12 pages

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About this project

A friend nominated me to do the 10 day movie challenge on Instagram which had a simple directive: post an image, no explanation, from 10 movies that had an impact on me. Easy, right? 

Not for me. First I had to create a spreadsheet since there are so many films that have had an impact on me over my many decades on the planet. I had to be organized. From this masterlist, I agonized and contemplated and finally whittled it down to these 10. Films that have stayed with me. Films that feature outsiders, outlaws, wierdos, inverts, eccentrics, romantics, bon vivants, and rebels. Films that spoke to the queer and camp sensiblity brewing inside me long before I knew who or what I was. Films that I still quote and reference to this day with ease. Films that spoke to the person I was becoming or longed to be. Films that made me me.

To make things both interesting and irritating, I decided to draw vignettes from these 10 films instead of simply googling screenshots like everybody else and then transform them into Victorian inspired wallpaper. I combined my drawings into classical repeat patterns that resemble traditional designs at first glance, but when you get up close there’s a little surprise* to anyone who may have seen one of these unusual films. *Take a close look at the swallows on each pattern. You’ll find a severed ear here, a wire hanger there, a dripping mascara wand... 

These films are always playing in the background of my mind because their surprising (and sometimes shocking) themes, characters, and visuals illustrated lives far removed from my suburban Michigan upbringing. They opened my mind and papered and patterned the walls of my identity, like the decorative motifs of wallpaper: charismatic, creepy, whimsical, romantic, spooky wallpaper. 

And if you haven’t seen all of these films yet, what are you waiting for?