new work

This is some of the new stuff I’ve been working on. All pieces were hand made by yours truly in Kingston, NY or during my artist’s residency in Maine.

the Mediocre blue heron zine

A charming little risograph printed zine about a less-than-great blue heron and his misfit friends.

Wrapping Paper

Moz, Deb, Siouxie, Annie, and more! Sold by the sheet.

blotted line

Birds, eyes, and stripes doodled onto simple handmade forms.

high gloss white

Thick and curvy pots, vases, and sculptures. Group them in clusters to form a surreal coral reef on your coffee table.

matte black

Textured charcoal glaze on top, unglazed and nude on the bottom.

the blues

A small collection of little blue vases and bowls.

cluster columns

Textured sculptural columns topped with a colony of wheel-thrown barnacles (perfect for holding air plants, dried flowers, or wee little cacti).

wishbone + kidney paintings on wood

Abstract paintings on 1" thick pine planks featuring modernist Seussian silhouettes based on my ceramics.

mini buds

These wee little mini bud vases are about the size of a chess piece. Sprinkle them around the house for their mushroomy sculptural beauty or stick a single air plant in it for a pop of green.

blotted line sculptures

Thick and chunky assemblages of organic shapes inspired by my wishbone + kidney paintings. They look great hung up on a wall with good lighting to cast groovy shadows.

logo tote

TOTE-ally useful and charming cotton tote bag emblazoned with the Rural Modernist bird and vase silhouette illustration by Jason O'Malley.

Jason's book shop

In real life I'm an illustrator and a book designer. I have a limited stock of books on hand that I've worked on that I would love to share with you. Order through me and I'll sign it and even do a small doodle upon request — just fill out the form at check out. (If you happen to order here and on and everything is going to the same address, I will combine it in one box and refund any additional shipping costs).